Tips to Prevent your Child from Being Sedentary

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Tips to Prevent your Child from Being Sedentary

Experts say that a child should have 60 minutes of moderate or vigorous physical activity. Few succeed. Obesity has skyrocketed, and children today have less physical activity than we did. These are the tips for moms who want to avoid sedentary children.

1. Enroll them in a Sport

Just swimming on Sundays is not enough. Try to get your child to practice his favorite sport at least twice a week. Dancing and dancing will also make you move your body.

2. Active Family Time

Trade the mall for a picnic. Try to take your child where he has to run. Please take it to your cousins ​​with whom you play soccer or with friends with whom you do not stop betting races. It includes family programs as moments of activity for the whole family: going to the bike lane, taking a bike ride, rollerblading, going for a walk somewhere, etc. Do your physical activity too so that you set an example and invite them to participate if possible.

3. Leave the Car at Home

Suppose something is close by, or on weekends when there is not so much rush, walk or bike together wherever you need it. It will be a physical activity for the whole family.

4. Set Limits and Discipline

To watch television and to connect to the tablet or computer. This may not be a question of prohibiting but rather rationing these devices’ consumption that keeps it glued and generates laziness and little activity.

5. Television and Computer Outside the Room

It is not recommended even for adults, the room is a place to rest, and the children are to play and sleep. If you have it there in your room, you will feel that you have the right always to have it on.

6. Buy them Toys that make them Move

Balls, rackets, bicycles, skates that make them move, set goals, and enjoy free time. Remember that you also have a body to take care of because you want to be a healthy mom or dad and last a long time. So enjoy this new stage as a family.

Recommended Sports for Children


Basketball is one of the most popular, complete, and beneficial sport for children. The advantages of basketball are observed in physical and emotional health and also in fun. Football. Soccer is not only a mass sport without more. It is a sport that brings benefits for the health and emotional development of the children who do practice it. This sport has advantages in childhood for boys and girls.


You can show your children to pedal, brake, accelerate, and get carried away by the bicycle. Cycling is a sport that you can practice with your baby when the baby masters his walking path. This sport can improve balance, endurance, motor coordination and strengthen children’s abilities and bones.


It is known as a full sport cause you move all of your body, and it’s helpful for everyone. Even for babies and children because it favors the respiratory system and self-confidence. offers you complete information about children’s swimming.

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