Tips To Combat Insomnia

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The day-to-day can stress us a lot, causing us not to fall asleep in the right way.

Insomnia is a more common sleep disorder than we think. This disorder affects many people, and it is effortless to tell if you have it, either because of difficulty falling asleep, sleeping very little or not feeling rested after sleeping.

There are different types of insomnia, such as acute or chronic. Acute insomnia is the most common and frequent. Some of the symptoms of insomnia are: staying awake for a long time, sleeping only for tiny periods, being awake most of the night, feeling like you are not resting, or waking up too early.

However, there are different ways to avoid insomnia, and here we share some:

1. Air-condition the bedroom: Sometimes, the heat or cold can make us toss and turn in bed, causing us not to fall asleep looking more relaxed. So look to ventilate the room by opening the windows or changing the sheets or duvets. Choose soft fibers and light in summer and during winter. Flannel-like fabrics keep you warm; having good quality bedding usually has a higher cost. Still, many credit cards have agreements with department stores to access offers, discounts, or months without interest.

2. Avoid exercise or busy activities before bed. Sometimes exercising can activate our brain by releasing adrenaline, making it harder for us to sleep.

3. Establish a routine. It is good that before going to sleep, you stay away from screens and electronics. Since the blue light from our devices affects our brain, it is also crucial that you list all your pending items for the next day to clear your mind and sleep better.

4. Avoid alcohol and heavy food. It will help prevent you from feeling uncomfortable and your digestive system from working through the night, causing you not to get enough rest.

5. Eat foods that facilitate sleep. Banana, eggs, and milk contain tryptophan that helps you fall asleep.

6. Use a breathing technique. Help yourself with a 4-7-8 strategy (inhale for 4 seconds, hold the air for seven and exhale for 8).

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Food is fundamental to sleep well, both to avoid certain foods and to consume them.

7. Avoid caffeine consumption: Try to drink your coffee in the morning so that at night the caffeine does not stimulate your brain and the relaxation process. Also, avoid black teas or chocolate.

We can give you some tips to avoid insomnia and achieve a good night’s sleep. In case this persists, you must go to the doctor.

Tips to Avoid Insomnia

  • Regulate the room temperature.
  • Avoid exercise before sleeping.
  • Leave the devices one hour before going to sleep.
  • Avoid alcohol and heavy foods.
  • Use breathing and meditation techniques.
  • Avoid caffeine and energy drinks.

You can find in the market several treatment options, such as natural remedies such as valerian, passionflower, or chamomile. Some medications can be used without a prescription, such as melatonin and doxylamine, unlike hypnotics and sedatives, which must be prescribed by the doctor as a last resort when no other method works.

To improve sleep, you should have healthy habits such as a good diet, perform relaxation techniques and do regular physical activity. But if you are interested in taking a natural supplement to improve your sleep, I recommend the Harmonium Sleep Support.

Harmonium Sleep Support ingredients include chamomile, astaxanthin, magnesium, Asian ginseng extract, melatonin, Bioperine, along with other key components to help you sleep well. All the ingredients are carefully selected to give you deep restorative sleep without the groggy zombie feeling come morning.

You should avoid the intake of alcoholic beverages or other sedative medications near the time of taking, in addition to this, you should sleep at least 8 hours to avoid waking up drowsy the next day and, you should never take an extra dose in the middle of the night.

If you are having issues and struggle with common sleep issues or are constantly waking up in the middle of the night, then you should take a look at Harmonium Sleep Support to get the best sleep support supplement out there.


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