The Keys to Losing Weight without putting your Health at Risk

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When we feel the urge to lose some weight quickly (the swimsuit knocks on our door), we fall into the temptation to do it quickly and badly. Most “miracle diets” will promise fast results, but they will not tell us the impact that will affect our body to adopt certain habits that are not always healthy.

Diets that are very strict and prohibit some food, that you can only eat less than 1500 kcal, a single food or food group, and many others of this style, can put your health at risk and not balance your weight. More than “making a diet,” you need to adopt healthy habits, a good way of eating food that does not last a few weeks or months: it must be a change from now on that you are committed to doing it.

You can start with these basic but very effective guidelines:

  1. Eat More Often

    You need to divide the meal of the day into five or six regular meals (3 main meals and two snacks, one you do it in the middle of the morning and the other one you do it in the middle of the afternoon) and between those meals and don’t allow more than two to three hours to pass. By doing this, you will keep glucose levels stable and avoid lows.

When this happens (hypoglycemia), the body starts to lack energy and has the feeling of not being well nourished. As a result, your appetite will increase to get glucose right away. The way to prevent this is to eat more often.

One tip, so as not to go overboard with calories, is to prepare small portions and try to chew very well (the more times, the better). It will help you feel satiated.

  1. Don’t Skip Breakfast

    Skipping a meal will not help you to lose weight. On the contrary, it will make you gain weight first because you will surely overeat on your next meal. And second, your body, by giving it less food, becomes thrifty and burns less.

The ideal is, of course, to avoid industrial pastries and fats. The most suitable breakfast should include skim milk, a piece of fresh fruit, and whole grains.

  1. Try To Drink Water

    It is significant to eliminate toxins from the body, but it also helps control weight thanks to its satiating effect. Indeed, drinking a glass of water before meals produces a feeling of satiety, so you eat less. The same happens if you have a glass between meals to control hunger.

But be clear that water is not fattening. Take it when you drink it: how it helps you is by “fooling” your stomach and brain with the feeling of fullness.

  1. Include The Essentials

    To feel satisfied, in addition to eating five times a day, it is essential that you include vegetables in your diet every day (at least three servings of fruit and two vegetables a day), preferably fresh. Apart from vitamins and minerals, the fiber and water they provide will help you feel full for very few calories and regulate intestinal transit.
  2. Power The Flavor

    A diet to lose weight must be balanced, light, and delicious because otherwise, it could become a real ordeal. To achieve this without adding calories, spices and aromatic herbs are your allies.

Also, garlic and lemon have an intense flavor. So, with a small amount, you will flavor your dishes.

What You Remove From Your Diet By Mistake

Sometimes, with the intention of not gaining weight, foods or nutrients are eliminated from the diet that really should not disappear. So take note of everything that you should not stop taking:

  • Cereals. They are the primary energy source, and you should not do without them because you would unbalance your diet. Five servings spread throughout the day are suggest, preferably whole grains. So don’t stop eating bread, pasta or rice.
  • Vegetables. It is a mistake to leave them aside since they are essential in a balanced diet. But, of course, instead of preparing them inconsistent dishes, do it more lightly and quickly: in salads, sautéed with vegetables, in the form of puree.
  • Proteins. Your diet should also include a serving of protein food at each of your main meals. You can choose between fish, seafood, eggs, and meats (chicken, turkey, rabbit ) and always prepare them, such as grilled, baked, or grilled.
  • Dairy Products. To keep the bones in shape, you should take two daily servings of dairy, better if they are skimming. If you are a lactose intolerant person, look for lactose-free options.

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