Makeup Brush Set: What is each used for?


There are many makeup brushes with different cuts, textures, and densities in the aesthetics and beauty world. The variety is so great that we often do not know what specific function each of them has.

Therefore, I will teach you to differentiate the different types of makeup brushes that exist and how they are used. The key to good makeup is in using good products and using and applying the right tools.

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Do you know what the use of each makeup brush is? Applying makeup base is not the same as applying blush or eye shadows; each feature of your face must be worked with different brushes.

We have to use the correct brush depending on the texture of the makeup, the area in which you will apply the makeup, and the finish we are looking for. Let’s get started!

In this article, you will learn how to use and get the best out of that set of makeup brushes in your cosmetic bag.

  1. Brushes to Apply Makeup Base

Apart from the famous makeup sponges, some brushes are highly recommended for applying makeup base correctly. We list them below:

Flat Brush. The flat brush, like a painter’s brush, is suitable for fluid and compact bases. They allow a very natural and uniform finish.

Flat Cut Makeup Brush. The flat-cut brush is a favorite of influencers and celebrities. It is pretty dense for mousse, cream, and fluid bases. It is applied in circles and leaves a much more natural appearance than the previous one.

Skunk Makeup Brush. Made of natural or synthetic hair, it leaves a much lighter and fresher finish than the previous ones. Ideal for those who love natural makeup.

  1. Makeup Powder Brushes

To seal your makeup, you can opt for a spray makeup fixer or compact or translucent powders. You can apply the sealing powders with the following brushes:

Powder Brush. This large brush with many hair and loose hairs is ideal for applying translucent powders or bronzers. It allows a natural finish.

Kabuki Brush. It is a rounder brush with a short handle and a wide head. Used to seal loose powder after makeup. Ideal for a natural blush!

  1. Brushes to Apply the Blush

Blush Brush. This type of brush is used to apply blush to the apples of the cheeks. You can also use the skunk brush for this.

Contour-defining Blush Brush. This brush has 3 heads, which are ideal for defining and beveling the face.

  1. Brushes or Brushes for Eyeshadow

In the case of brushes and brushes to apply eyeshadow, we find a range of great variety. We list the most common:

Shadow Brushes. To apply the shadow on the eyelid, in the banana area, and under the eyebrow’s arch of the eyebrow. 2 different size brushes are used if we want to apply more or less amount of product. They are the most basic.

Pencil Brush. They give a lot of precision, for example, to apply shadow under the eyelashes.

Blending eye brush. This brush allows you to blend the finish and contours. It should always be applied as a final step. If you use one color on the eyelid and another on top, the cut crease is blurred and will give you a professional finish with this brush.

  1. Eyebrow Brushes

Eyebrows are one of the features that best define our face. There are natural remedies to grow eyebrows and treatments to pigment them, such as microblading or microshading.

The best thing about eyebrow brushes is that they allow you to apply makeup with a very natural finish and that it is easily removed with a facial cleanser.

Double Brow Brush. It is better not to complicate things when it comes to eyebrows and opt for a brush or duo brush for eyebrows. Get a natural and professional finish with a simple double brush.

Comb for Eyelashes. Comb, part lashes, and remove mascara clumps. In addition, we have found a makeup trick that allows us to maintain the curl of the eyelashes all day.

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