Exercises For The Belly: So You Can Get a Flat Stomach and Burn Stored Fat

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One of the most challenging tasks for those women who perform physical exercise frequently is eliminating abdominal fat. It is an area of ​​the body that requires a lot of work with perseverance and effort. In addition to that, it must go with a correct diet that facilitates reaching the goals set.

The Mayo Clinic, an American institution dedicated to health, education, and research issues, shared a series of recommendations to eliminate the fat that forms in the abdomen area and that is produced mainly by the consumption of calories during the day, the amount of physical exercise and the age of each woman.

However, research “shows that belly fat also carries serious health risks beyond an aesthetic issue,” added experts from the Mayo Clinic.

According to the researchers, another factor contributing to the accumulation of fat in that part of the body is the arrival of menopause, a time when women’s body fat tends to move towards the abdomen area. The decrease in estrogen level, which determines where fat is dispense in the body, also plays a role.

Experts from the Mayo Clinic recommend toning the abdominal muscles with push-ups or other abdominal exercises. However, they assure that this will not eliminate belly fat since it requires a comprehensive good nutrition and rest plan.

For adult women, moderate aerobic activity is very recommended. For example, experts recommend speed walk for at least 150 minutes a week or intense aerobic exercise, such as running, at least 75 minutes a week.

Héctor Liebana, a fitness specialist and manager of Orangetheory Fitness, also revealed several recommendations published on the Hola portal about the amount and types of physical exercises that people, especially women, can begin to include in their routine to reduce accumulated fat in the belly.

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Exercises to Tone the Abdomen

1. Upper Abs: To exercise these abdominals, people must sit with their legs bent and bend over by tightening the abdomen. Do eight repetitions.

2. Lower Abs: For this exercise, people must lie flat and raise their legs off the ground. For this exercise, you need to perform three series with eight repetitions in each one, controlling breathing.

3. Plates: The planks are one of the most recommended exercises to ensure a flat abdomen. The person should lie face down and stay straight, supporting the arms on the floor. In the same way, the feet must be firm, helping to support the body. You have to perform this exercise for 20 seconds and do three repetitions.

4. Scissors Exercise: People should be lying on their back with their legs in the air; in this way, they will begin to cross and uncross their feet like the movement of scissors. For this exercise, you have to do three series of eight crosses each.

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