Apple Cider Vinegar: How to Take it to Lose Weight and Accelerate Metabolism

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Apple cider vinegar, most of the time, is used to lose weight. Although its effectiveness is very questioned, numerous studies have linked its main active component, acetic acid, with weight loss, reduction of fat body, and lowering of blood sugar level.

It also suppresses the centers that control appetite in the brain and increases the enzyme AMPK in the body, which increases the fat-burning process by speeding up the metabolism.

However, like everything in life, you have to know how to consume it well. Therefore, we tell you more about this vinegar, and we give you instructions on how and when to take it.

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What is Apple Cider Vinegar?

To produce apple cider vinegar, it has to pass in a two-step fermentation process. First, the apples are cut or crushed and mixed with yeast to turn their sugar into alcohol. Second, bacteria added to ferment the alcohol into acetic acid, which is the main active component of this vinegar.

One tablespoon of apple cider vinegar can contain approximately three calories and practically zero carbohydrates.

Those who took two tablespoons of vinegar per day lost 1.7 kilos, 0.9% fat, almost 2 centimeters from the waist, and 26% triglycerides. Those in the third group, those on the placebo, gained half a kilo.

Thus, according to this study, collected by Health, adding one or two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to the diet can help us lose weight. It can also reduce body fat, make us lose belly fat, and lower blood triglycerides.

How to take Apple Cider Vinegar

If you want, you can try apple cider vinegar in your daily diet, using it as a dressing or cooking. The total amount of apple cider vinegar that people used to lose weight is to start with a teaspoon once a day, and if we see that it suits us, move on to taking one or two tablespoons (15-30 ml) a day, mixed with water. It is best to take them in two or three servings a day and not all at once since it has proved that it increases the feeling of satiety, which will make us have less appetite between meals.

Apple cider vinegar has incredible health benefits. These ingredients in this vinegar have a high content of acetic acid and polyphons, one of the main components of the apple, with high antioxidant, anti-cellulite and sebum-regulating properties that improve the skin barrier. In addition, this product helps regulate Ph, your blood sugar level, cholesterol levels, and glucose levels.

Diluted in water can improve blood pressure; it is also excellent for stomach pain, improves digestion, relieves pain from spasms, and also helps reduce abdominal fat levels. If you would like to learn 10 benefits and uses of Apple Cider Vinegar, I invite you to follow this link to read about the Top 10 Benefits and Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar.


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