5 Ways to Apply Shadows that you did not Know

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Nowadays, being in fashion is not as difficult as before, especially since you can find many current trends on social networks, and those related to makeup are no exception.

For some time now, eye shadows began to make a space in the world of fashion and beauty because they significantly enhance the look of any person.

Thus, if you are starting to apply them to your eyes or want to try something different, here are some recommendations that will allow you to play with colors and shapes while you look spectacular.

Reinvent the Smokey Eye
A finish on the eyes that requires time, dedication, and practice is the smoky effect. However, the effort will be worth it since once you have mastered it, it will surely be one of your favorites.

Cold colors such as black, gray, or brown are generally used to do smokey eyes. Several beauty bloggers, such as Huda Kattan, founder of the Huda Beauty cosmetics line, decided to experiment with new combinations such as warm tones, which provide a similar effect, without the need to be too saturated. You will surely love the result.

Cut Crease
If what you want is to change the size of your eyes, the cut crease is the best option. It is a technique that aims to mark the eye socket by tracing the upper crease of your eyelids so that you form a separation; this will make your eyes seem larger.

To achieve this effect, you will have to use dark and matte shadows in the upper eyelid crease area and something more luminous in the lower area.

With this, you will make your look more intense. If you want to learn how to do your makeup in this way, we leave you a tutorial from Chelsea Tresidder:

Show Off a Smoother Finish on Your Makeup
Indeed on more than one occasion, you have used eyeliner to enhance your look; however, this is not the only way to achieve this effect.

If you want a smoother finish, you can choose to use matte shadows to achieve a similar result. However, you should have a fine brush on hand as it will allow you to have greater precision on the line, preventing it from being too thick.

Soft Colors for a Practical Look
Sometimes, you do not have enough time to detail your makeup, so it is necessary to opt for practical and easy to do and that, at the same time, looks spectacular. In this case, a good option is a light shade that complements your outfit.

Using a matte shadow and brushing it all over the eyelid will provide a more polished result, even if it is simple. Here we present this effect from ColourPop, an American cosmetics brand based in Los Angeles, California.

Halo Eye
This makeup technique aims to make your eyes look deeper. It is necessary to use a very blurred shadow as a base, later apply several colors of the same range on the eyelid, and use light or bright tones in the center of the Halo Eye itself.

You can use this technique at all times. You can use very neutral tones for the day and metallic tones for the night.

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