5 Easy Steps to Take Care of Your Feet if you have Athlete Foot


There are three clear symptoms of a fungal infection of the feet: a scaly and reddish appearance of the skin, especially between the toes, an intense itch in the area, and a bad smell of feet.

In this post, I will tell you how to take care of your feet if you have fungus or athlete foot. You will learn to alleviate the symptoms and improve your foot appearance. In addition, I will also help you identify if there is a fungal infection; please keep in mind that it is important to use a suitable product and finish the treatment.

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Hygiene and foot care are vital in reducing infection and preventing the spread of athlete’s foot. Take note of the following tips to avoid infections or symptoms such as foot odor:

1. Wash your feet with soap, water, and a sponge. You can use a specific soap, but the important thing is that you exfoliate the skin of the foot to remove a part of the fungus with the sponge. The Keravita is a product that can help you prevent the fungus from your nails, and the results are very fast.

2. After washing them, make sure to dry them well, especially in the spaces between your toes. Humidity is the ideal environment for the proliferation of fungi. To dry it, use a personal and exclusive towel for the feet to avoid contagion. After use, let the towel air dry to prevent fungi from growing on it.

3. Once dry, apply a foot deodorant that, in addition to refreshing and eliminating odor has ingredients that create conditions in which microorganisms cannot quickly grow.

4. Do not walk barefoot in showers. If you use common showers, for example, in the gym or the pool, wear flip-flops or rubber shoes. Direct foot contact with the shower floor can cause your fungus to remain on the floor, and other people can be infected if they go barefoot. We sure don’t that to happen.

5. Keep your feet hydrated to reduce the cracks that feet with fungal infections often have on the heels. Wear clean, dry socks. If your feet sweat excessively, or after playing sports, change them for clean ones.

I have prepared for you a list of strategies that can effectively help you support your nails and your general health and enhance your mood at the same time. Click here to learn more about these strategies. As mentioned before in this post, the Keravita can help you prevent the fungus from your nails, and the results are very fast.



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